Man, google is awesome. We dont really need to search anything, because google does it for us! (I secretly thing we are actually emailing a monkey whos been fast forwarded 1000x looking through a library and sending an answer back)

But what does google mean anyway? If you search it on google, you find a link to…google. (The monkey is a bit biased with the whole choosing thing) I think it means, we couldnt be bothered typing up ‘The Search Engine Which Searches Stuff For You And Is Really Useful’, and the monkey fell asleep on the keyboard with his head landing on the G, o, and l keys. (And shift). Dont tell me it’s physically impossible, This is a monkey going at 1000x speed! Anything is possible!

 This is only our interpretation of googles offices. They probably are very different. No, were pulling your leg. We got this picture (before it was edited) from GOOGLE images, how could it not be real?


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