Technology is great. It has helped humans in so many ways. You can even read our blog with the internet, you can rot your brains with TV, and you can ruin your ears with ipods! We are such an advanced species, and we know and love it!

But technology is really great, at making you frustrated! Who invented holds for the telephone! Arrrrghh! And who decided not to put AC/DC as the hold music? Who likes classical music anyway?

We’d all be screwed without google. It searches stuff for us, because we dont want to do it! Its so awesome! We love you google!

Another great thing about technology, no-one understands it. Teachers will waste 30 mintues trying to turnon their laptop, while the class has a party. And you can text in class (Or more like : u cn txt in cls cz dts wat kl kids do, b4 da tchr cumz nd ruinz it 4 evry1. ya i h8 her 2! Yeah, its confusing. Like a human Binary Code) without being caught. Its like sending brain waves. Through phones. For 20 cents a message. Its beautiful!

Wikipedia has been helping kids do essays for years. Its like, a teacher in a computer…kind of. Not really. Anyway its pretty useful.


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