Nature…ahh the stars in the sky, the birds in their trees, the chainsaws in the… same trees. Meh. who needs nature. Its a bad substitute to civilisation. Nature is full of animals, and plants, and animals, Like…Piranha Plants, and cows, Goombas and Super Mario! Its a wild place. You could actually get lost in a forest, and not be able to find your way back to your GameStation IV or your Xtendo SG. That would be terrible! Who would rescue the princess then? Or just kill things for the sake of it?

Nature is pretty much all the stuff that was here before we came along and screwed it up. Nature came before TV’s, before radios, and even before Grandparents! If you see the stars at night, you could say, that’s nature. If you feel the wind in your hair, you could say, that’s nature. If you step in dog crap, you could say, OMG I HATE NATURE!  Nobody likes dogs who crap anywhere. Nobody.

This will soon be turned into a Factory! Hooray! More shoes for everyone!


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