Suits (People)

People are described as suits, when they generally wear a suit. Of course, that is only what the general public thinks. What actually happens is once they put a suit on, they cannot remove it. It is permanently intergrated into their brain. It becomes their brain. They are now controlled by the suit, and they will start behaving oddly. Signs of this are acting snobbish, refusing to eat anything which might “stain” their suit.

There are different types of suits. There is the “cheap suit” which may have several patches. Wearers of this are solely focussed on global world domination.

The “average suit” only wants to upgrade himself and become an “expensive suit”

The “expensive suit” (more commonly known as ‘OMG ITS JAMES BOND’. They are only interested in aquiring expensive watches, saving the world and looking good while doing it.


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