Emo is a term used to decribe depressed teenagers who wear makeup and generally have hair over one eye. We responsible people at Dikipedia feel sorry for them, and their impaired vision.

Relatively unknown fact: Emos are 35% more likely to trip over than actual humans, as their hair covers their eye, making their binocular vision just nocular vision. Or bad vision. And once an emo trips they feel even worse for themselves as they may now have a scarred knee, or a scratched face. Then they will go on and feel bad for themselves again, and maybe cover the other eye, leading to more injuries.

So if you want to stop this growing problem, please, PLEASE help an emo. You can do this by smiling to them in the street (make sure you are on their good side) or just saying hello.

(Or of course you can donate to Dikipedia, but we hold no responsibility if your money ‘accidentally’ fell from the Donations box to the Box For Our Food And Drink and Massage Money (even though it is a good cause)


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