Cavemen were men before men. Actually, they were women too. They lived in caves, and sometimes drew on walls. They lived a loooong time ago, even before your Grandma was born. Although they are reported sightings of them in today’s world, most of these sightings are just hobos who like grunting and living in caves.

Cavemen usually use clubs made of wood to kill stuff. They apparantly had a very primitive language, but contrary to popular beleif, they do not yell out “YABBA-DABBA-DOO!” and ride dinosaurs. No, sorry, my mistake, thats exactly what cavemen do. Which makes them very similar to construction workers doesn’t it?


2 Responses to “Cavemen”

  1. Douglas Carroll Says:

    Cavemen are dead. Hardly anyone lives in caves anymore, unless you count McMansions as giant caves.

    Neandertal man lived in caves in Europe about 100,000 years ago. Neandertal woman was responsible for making sure he got to work early in the morning. He was supposed to kill large animals, but his weapons required him to get very close to his prey. Ergo…oops. Dead guys, injured guys…

    And then Homo sapiens arrived from Africa with cool tools, and their subsistence economy was so efficient they had time to create art on the walls of those caves. Since the “men” were always out “hunting”, it must have been the women who painted those neat pictures.

    • Dikipedia Says:

      I agree completely. But I am also very stupid.
      So I am putting what I wrote over what you wrote.
      The General public will have to make a decision on whether they want to trust a respectable human being, or a person who runs a site called dikipedia and has been known to debate about whether or not the moon is actually made of cheese. (It’s not, everyone knows its made of Alien butter)

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