About Dikipedia

Dikipedia is not just some crap, 2nd rate rip off of wikipedia. No wait, I meant to say it is. But the difference is here, we write about anything, in whatever way we want. For example, I dont want to write this! So I won’t!

We were here Waaay Before. Negative a few years before.

Ok I lied. We do that a lot here. Anyway enjoy reading all this crap we write. Search stuff. I wont guarantee we have it. Because we probably dont. Our home page will display some of our posts, but you can also find others. Never take anything here too seriously, and definetly dont base an essay on it!

Want to help us? We will place an email here (or just post it as a comment). To become a permanant author, we will need 3-5 pages (not whole pages, as in a description of something) of your work, then we will add you. (You will need to have/make a wordpress account) All contributors, whether big or small will have their site added to our blogroll (with a description), their own page, where they can advertise their own site. Their page is kept even after they quit or leave our site (Unless we are requested to take it off).

And you can write about absolutely anything!

The introductory pages by our talentless authors



____________ (Could this be you?)


3 Responses to “About Dikipedia”

  1. T3CK Says:

    Hello Dikipedia, You have a very solid site here I would also like to let you know I followed up on your comment over at the WP XPERT blog I chose to reply there so the readers of WP XPERT can benefit from the comment as well.

    Here is the link to my reply,

  2. Dickipedia Says:

    Thanks a lot for youre advice.
    Liked the bit about personal voice. Nice to know someone out there appreciates craziness!

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